Dryer R550DH


  • Up to 40% less energy consumption

  • Stain free drying achieveing high luster surfaces

  • Environmentally friendly, organic drying media

  • High flexibility thanks to batch or continuous operation

  • Standard pre-separation

  • Direct interlinking with mass finishing system

Almost all processing methods in vibratory grinding are wet processes. In order to be fed into the next production process, work pieces usually must be dried after mass finishing. We offer our customers sophisticated solutions that allow the drying process to follow the vibratory grinding process smoothly and automatically. Among the requirements placed on the systems are that they can be directly connected to the mass finishing system in terms of control technology and that they can be operated in an energy-efficient manner while maintaining high drying performance.

We offer four different types of dryers. These process the finished parts continuously or in batches using a drying media depending on the type of system. They are also tailored to the specific requirements of the various industries. In accordance with our one-stop philosophy, the appropriate drying media is also part of our comprehensive portfolio.



Our different dryer types

RT Euro-DH rotary dryer
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RT Euro-DH rotary dryer

The new RT Euro-DH rotary dryer for which a patent application has been filed boasts cost-effective and efficient drying results. The newly developed block heating elements allow energy savings of up to 40% compared with other models available on the market.

BT belt dryer
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R…BT belt dryer

Belt Dryers are ideal for sensitive work pieces that may get nicked or dinged during the drying process and for parts with deep, small bores in which drying media could become stuck. Complex die cast components in particular are dried with belt dryers because of their size and geometric features. This type of dryer is operated with powerful hot air blowers in order to vaporize a large amount of liquid in a short time (a few seconds). We also offer innovative and patent-pending solutions for energy-saving operation of the systems.

TT drum dryer
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R…TT drum dryer

High performance drum dryer for drying and polishing scooping or flat work pieces that drag out drying media in vibration rotary dryers or that would blind the separation screen.

HTZ drying centrifuge
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R...HTZ drying centrifuge

The Rösler HTZ series drying centrifuges are ideally suited for stain free drying of small parts, excluding work piece mixtures. By equipping the systems with heated rinsing tanks, the work pieces can additionally be cleaned of loosely adhering contamination (e.g., solid particles).

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