Roller conveyor blast machine RRB

Roller conveyor blast machines

  • Low-maintenance solid manganese blast machine housing

  • Overlapping, easily removable wear plates made of manganese steel

  • Rollers in blast cabin made of hardened tool steel

  • Uniform, continuous parts transport

  • High throughput due to continuous blasting process

  • Equipped with GAMMA G blast turbine

Roller conveyor blast machines are suitable for the descaling, paint stripping, rust removal, roughening, and cleaning of work pieces such as sheet metal plates, profiles, beams, and pipes. Depending on the type of system, thin sheet metal plates up to massive steel profiles weighing several tons can be processed. The largest systems allow optimal processing of work pieces up to 6,000 mm in height and up to 5,000 mm in width.

During processing, the work pieces pass through the pre-chamber, blast cabin, and post-chamber of the system – either one after the other or in batches on a roller conveyor. Depending on the type of system, shot blasting is carried out with precisely positioned blast turbines equipped with energy-saving motors. The blasting result is all-round, comprehensive, and always reproducible. Roller conveyor blast machines can be easily integrated into existing production lines. Despite their sometimes considerable size, the systems are easy to maintain because the components can be conveniently reached through large access openings and inspection platforms.


RRB roller conveyor blast machine

RRB roller conveyor blast machine

The classic roller conveyor blast machine is unsurpassed in its versatility. It is commonly used where comparatively simple geometries such as sheet metal plates, profiles, beams, and tubes have to be processed in a single pass.

RRBK roller conveyor blast machine for weldments

RRBK roller conveyor blast machine for weldments

The RRBK is the extended version of a roller conveyor blast machine. It was specially developed for the all-round processing of large, complex steel structures. By positioning the turbines in two “rings” on the blast cabin, all surfaces of the steel structures are cleaned in a single pass.

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