Satellite machines

  • Gentle and process-reliable, single-part processing even of sensitive and/or complex work pieces

  • Particularly suitable for integration into fully automated, interlinked production lines

  • Integrated anti-static spray system

  • Optimum, multi-stage blast media cleaning via blast chamber extraction, screening systems

  • Modern PLC control with storable recipes

  • Project-specific design of the satellite units

Rösler satellite machines are particularly suitable for deburring delicate work pieces – even ones with complex geometries.


The work pieces are mounted on rotating satellites for processing. Loading and unloading takes place in parallel with the deburring process.

RWS swing chamber system

The Rösler turning beam system is ideal for deburring small to medium-sized work pieces, that can be attached to rotating satellites. Both sides of the turning beam are equipped with identical satellite arrangements. This enables cycle-time-neutral loading and unloading of the satellites at the external loading/unloading station.
The number and arrangement of satellites is often based on the number and arrangement of cavities in the mold.
Depending on the equipment configuration, one blast turbine or up to eight injector blast guns are used. If required, these blast guns can also be mounted on vertical and/or horizontal traversing units. A combination of both blasting processes is also possible in one system. Blast media residues and dusts can still be blown off inside the blast cabin after the actual shot blasting process.

RSA satellite table blast machine

The RSA1500 satellite table blast machine expands the application range of the RWS1200 swing chamber blast machine in terms of the number of indexing positions and work piece dimensions. By turning the rotary table in cycles, the work pieces, which are fixed on satellites with individual work piece fixtures, pass through the various work stations. Loading and unloading, infeed lock, blast positions with up to 10 injector blast guns, and blow-off position.
The number of satellites is based on the required output power as well as on the number of beam positions required.

Additional Components

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