Connecting rod before and after descaling
Entzundern mit Gleitschliff- oder Strahltechnik

Effectively preparing surfaces

Cast, forged parts need a clean surface so that further processing can be carried out successfully. Often, a brighter surface is also desired.

The complete descaling of surface oxidation, scale and hard residues is a prerequisite for numerous subsequent processing stages.

Large workpieces, for example in the casting and forging industry, are descaled in a blasting process. Small workpieces can be effectively treated in mass finishing systems. An important consideration when looking for the best finishing process for your application is to ask the question: How well will the machine integrate with the production line?

As a full-service provider, we develop and manufacture our own machines for mass finishing and shot blasting as well as the consumables required for mass finishing (finishing media and compounds). We offer a globally unique range of different technologies and processes in order to optimally fulfill your operational needs.

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