Rösler cleaning centrifuge in the glass industry reduces costs by 90%

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The company HART-SM, located in Poland, specializes in high quality hardened glass panes for use in automobiles, appliances and furniture. In the glass industry the post processing of products results in a high contamination of the process water, which is particularly challenging to clean. HART-SM was looking for a cleaning centrifuge that meets its stringent quality standards, is reliable and provides a high cleaning efficiency. In addition, the company was expecting a cleaning system that offers technical as well as economic advantages and which, above all, is eco-friendly. After extensive on-site consultation with our specialists the customer decided on purchasing two Rösler cleaning centrifuges model RZ 150 A with automatic sludge discharge.

Easy operation thanks to fully automatic processing
The automatic RZ 150 A is designed to handle a throughput of 150 liters per minute. In conventional systems the peeling knife, driven by a gear motor, is constantly rotating with the drum. In contrast to this the peeling knife of the Rösler RZ 150 A, located in the center of the sludge drum, is stationary. Only when the sludge deposits in the drum must be discharged, is the peeling knife moving towards the drum wall with a pneumatically actuated linear guide system. This allows peeling the sludge from the drum wall without placing any additional load on the drum bearings. After completion of the peeling cycle the drum is automatically rinsed to remove any residual sludge deposits. This prevents imbalances during the subsequent cleaning cycle, which could lead to premature wear of the drum bearing. The fully automatic process helps saving costs and reduces the consumption of valuable resources.
Mr. Stepa, general manager of HART-SM, explains:  „The new cleaning centrifuges helped us to reduce our energy consumption and achieve substantial cost savings.  For example, we could reduce our idle machine times by 90 percent. And since only the water losses due to evaporation must be replenished, we could significantly reduce the costs for water exchanges. Last-but-not-least, we could reduce the monthly consumption of coolant from about 1,500 liters down to 150 liters, a reduction by nearly 90 percent. In addition to the considerable financial and technical benefits we also achieved a significant improvement of the water quality, an important factor for us as a progressive, future-oriented company. The water system is clean, because it is no longer overloaded with calcium.  As a matter of fact, it is totally free of solid particles, which has an extremely positive effect on the overall quality of our products.”
Mr. Stepa continues: “The cleaning centrifuge from Rösler represents an innovative solution that brings about a significant added value to our operation. And, of course, it is perfectly in line with our vision for a clean environment. We are pleased to have a company like Rösler as our reliable partner!”

Rösler cleaning centrifuges – efficient and effective cleaning of industrial liquids
Whether a company has to deal with coolants, sludge from paint processes, the water from industrial work piece cleaning operations or other process liquids, the treatment of the contaminated liquids always depends on the quality of the applied cleaning technology. No doubt the innovative, well-designed centrifugal filtering technology from Rösler offers excellent solutions. To achieve optimum cleaning results for the various industrial liquids, the centrifugal systems are specially adapted to the individual customer requirements. The Rösler centrifuges offer not only numerous technical and financial benefits, but through significant savings of water and other production materials they also help protect the environment.
With decades of experience in the field of centrifuges Rösler is a competent, qualified partner for the efficient, energy-saving cleaning of all kinds of industrial liquids.