The future moves in: New office landscape "Rösler Innowelt" fills with life

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Rösler OberflÀchentechnik GmbH is fundamentally restructuring its office workplaces: At the Untermerzbach site, the first employees have moved into the redesigned offices of the "Rösler Innowelt". From now on they will work there according to the principles of New Work, a work philosophy designed for more flexibility, communication and more agile working. At the same time, the surface specialist has thus managed to integrate several departments from the Bad Staffelstein site into Untermerzbach in an economical and sustainable manner, thus avoiding the need for resource-consuming new buildings.

In the "Rösler Innowelt", fixed workplaces give way to anchor areas for the individual departments, within which employees have free choice of location. Due to the current home office regulation, colleagues are no longer in the office every day anyway. At the end of each working day, employees clear out their desks completely and store their work materials, such as headsets, laptops and personal items, safely in personalized lockers.

A Work Café is centrally located on each floor, consisting of a lounge and a kitchen area where employees can talk informally about joint projects. Numerous seating niches and meeting rooms serve as retreats for confidential discussions or longer telephone calls. These structural elements, which provide for a clever interruption of the office landscape, never give the impression of being in an open-plan office, despite the open design of the "Rösler Innowelt". The issue of noise protection was also taken very seriously by the management and integrated into the office landscape with a great deal of tact and technical finesse, for example through certain ceiling elements or the use of fabric as sound absorbers.

It was particularly important to CEO Stephan Rösler - whose new office, by the way, was integrated in a central position in the "Innowelt" and may be used as a meeting room during his absence - to involve his staff in the implementation of the new office concept and to make decisions transparent. Via colleagues who had volunteered to act as multipliers at the interface with the management, every employee was able to contribute his or her ideas and suggestions for the "Innowelt" in an uncomplicated manner. Once a month, Stephan Rösler also makes himself personally available to his employees at the so-called Change CafĂ© for questions and suggestions relating to the "Innowelt”.

The "Innowelt" is not the only major remodeling project that the company is currently implementing: A few days ago, the official opening ceremony of the newly designed and technically updated training workshop for the technical/industrial sector took place at the Untermerzbach site. There, the company wants to prepare the future skilled workers for the job market of the future with the most modern means - and make an apprenticeship at Rösler even more attractive, also by offering an even broader portfolio of systems and machines.

"We want to create state-of-the-art workplaces with a feel-good factor for our employees and thus the best conditions for a successful working environment, and thus also position ourselves well in the battle for skilled workers," says Stephan Rösler. "The lighthouse project "Innowelt" will play a decisive role in this. I would already like to thank all employees, service providers and suppliers in its implementation and look forward to successful cooperation in the newly designed office environment."

In the coming months, further office buildings at Rösler will gradually be modernized and redesigned according to the principles of "Innowelt.