High energy disc systems

  • Up to 15 times higher performance than vibratory equipment

  • Intelligent annular gap technology (Micro Gap)

  • Highest flexibility through individual system configuration

  • Compact and user-friendly system design

  • Optimized work bowl geometry for even more economical use

  • Expandable up to a fully automatic
    processing line

Our high energy disc systems make mass finishing more efficient than ever before. Compared with conventional vibratory finishing, a 10- to 15-fold increase in performance can be achieved with the help of centrifugal force. High energy disc systems are inspiring not only because of their speed but also because of their processing spectrum. Among other things, they are used for deburring, grinding, rounding, or polishing stampings, castings, forgings, and machined work pieces – from thin-walled to solid. High energy disc systems are used in medical technology, jewelry and eyewear manufacturing, as well as in the automotive sector as well as in many other special applications.

The operating principle of a high energy disc system is based on the interaction of the fixed, cylindrical work bowl (or tub) in combination with a spinner, which is separated from the tub wall. The spinner accelerates the work pieces and finishing media, and the centrifugal force generated in the process pushes the mixture of media and work pieces against the work bowl wall, where it continues to move upwards until it is finally returned downwards to the spinner by the force gravity and the cycle begins again.

Our high energy disc systems feature an optimized work bowl design, an energy-efficient electric drive, and compact system control and process water supply. We have also revolutionized the market with a particularly economical two-batch system and an absolutely reliable and patented annular gap control and regulation system.


Our range of performance boosters

High energy disc systems Series E
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Series E

This stand-alone system is the basic version of a Rösler high energy disc system, which can be operated as either an autonomous or modular system. It is suitable for part-on-part finishing as well as for batch processing with media. With the use of an additional screening machine, even complex separation tasks can be solved, and the separation of the work pieces from the grinding media can be facilitated.

High energy disc systems Series E/SM und E/SA
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Series E/SM und E/SA

These models link the processing unit directly to the work piece separator. This makes the system particularly user friendly. The processing media remains within the system after being separated from the work pieces. The combined working-separating unit is tilted back into the working position after the separation step is completed,returning the media to the work bowl – ready for the next batch.

High energy disc systems Series E-A
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Series E-A

The concept of the E-A high energy disc systems is an automated work flow in a compact design. This system technology can easily be linked with automated work piece loading and drying systems. Even demanding separation tasks can be solved reliably and reproducibly with this system configuration.

High energy disc systems Series A2
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Series A2

Profi-Line high energy disc systems are designed according to the two-batch system developed by Rösler. The two-batch technology automatically offers simultaneous processing and separation in the best quality. Part mixing from batch to batch can be elimintaed. For particularly large quantities of work pieces, the A2 system can be expanded to an A3 system, thereby enabling the simultaneous processing of three work piece batches.

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