Semi-automatic compact centrifuge Z800

Centrifuge technology

  • Durable and maintenance-friendly systems

  • Enables extremely resource-efficient mass finishing

  • Increased efficiency thanks to
    reusable process fluid

  • Reduced disposal costs (e.g., thanks to efficient solids separation)

  • Ideal process stability with maximum
    work piece cleanliness

  • Ideally suited for non-mass finishing applications

Today, almost any mass finishing process can be linked to a Rösler process-water cleaning system. The process water is cleaned of the solids generated during mass finishing and can then be re-used in the finishing process. This makes the process much more sustainable and cost-effective.

The basis of modern process-water cleaning technology relies on the principle of two-phase solid-liquid separation using centrifugal force. Depending on cleanliness requirements, particle sizes and materials, the systems can achieve throughput rates of up to 6,000 liters per hour. Thanks to the high acceleration of up to 2,000 g, particles larger than 2.0 µm are separated from the liquid and collected by the centrifuge rotor as a filter cake. By using our process-water cleaners, which have been specially developed for process water recycling, the physical separation performance of the centrifuge can be optimized. This ensures that the quality of the process fluid is maintained for the entire service life. We offer an extensive range of highly effective process-water cleaners and chemical additives from our own development and production.

Powerful installations – in connection with sophisticated process technology – enable a wide range of application, even beyond mass finishing applications.

Process water cleaning systems for every application

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RZ 60 M

The powerful RZ 60 M is our smallest semi-automatic centrifuge. It is perfect for applications with low flow rates up to 60 liters per minute with low solids contamination. The sludge basket can hold up to 1.8 liters of sludge. Solids can be easily separated from liquids by means using the two-phase approach. The cleaning centrifuge is space-saving, works quietly, and is mobile thanks to its casters.

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RZ 120

The RZ 120 is our most powerful semi-automatic cleaning centrifuge. It features the possibility of 3-phase separation. With the RZ 120 not only one but also two liquids with different densities (usually oil/water) can be separated from each other as well as from suspended solids. The sludge basket can hold up to 10 liters. For maximum flexibility, we also offer this system in a mobile version.

RZ 150 A
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RZ 150

The automatic Rösler cleaning centrifuge RZ 150 A is the ideal solution for high throughput quantities. It features a high throughput capacity of 150 liters per minute at a maximum load of 55 kg per cycle by automatic sludge discharge as well as a fixed peeling knife, which is rinsed after each peeling process. The centrifuge is equipped with a vibration sensor as standard, and its rotors are available in stainless steel on request for cleaning aggressive liquids.

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Z 800

Thanks to its compact, space-saving design, our semi-automatic basket centrifuge type Z 800 HA-Turbo-Floc can be installed directly next to the mass finishing system. The centrifuge as well as the system control and the process water and clear water tank are installed on a platform as a complete, ready to function unit. The solid particles are separated in a flexible rotor insert (sludge basket), which is changed manually. We offer this in our durable PU variant or a special oil-resistant varsion.

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Z 1000 ASS-II

Our peeling centrifuge type Z 1000 ASS-II with automatic sludge discharge features a maintenance-friendly overall design and robust construction. In contrast to conventional systems on the market, the peeling knife Z 1000 ASS-II is fixed and is automatically rinsed after each peeling process. The centrifuge is equipped with a vibration sensor as standard. The standard system includes a 300 l sludge wagon, which is integrated in the frame of the centrifuge.

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