• Ideal for high-quality, delicate, and complex work pieces

  • Up to 40-fold higher processing intensity than vibratory systems

  • Intelligent process control enables reproducible results

  • Combinable process steps
    (e.g., pre-grinding, fine grinding, and polishing)

  • Automation and integration into production cells possible

  • Also suitable for large/heavy components

With our innovative special systems for single-part processing, we enable the targeted processing of high-quality, demanding work pieces by avoiding contact between the work pieces. Drag finishers, surf finishers, multi-surf finishers, and plunge grinders take mass finishing to a whole new level. These types of systems are used in various configurations in the aerospace, automotive, and medical technology industries as well as in the tooling industry.

The basic principle of these types of systems is the same: the work piece or work pieces are attached to a clamping device – either to processing spindles or to a robot – and immersed in the container filled with finishing media. Rotating either the work bowl or the parts on the fixture creates the relative movement between the part and the finishing media.

This way, grinding, deburring, polishing, or edge rounding is performed on the part based on the type of finishing media used. Finsihing media especially developed for this intensive processing ensure high-quality and economical processing of the work pieces.

Intelligent systems for single part processing

Plunge grinding machine TSA
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Plunge grinding machines

Plunge grinding systems are suitable for heavy and large work pieces with a maximum length of around 800 mm and a maximum weight of up to 800 kilos; these require individual part processing. They are used in particular in the automotive and aerospace industries deburring, grinding, and polishing applications. The working spindle can perform various movements during processing to achieve optimum work piece processing.

Drag Finishers
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Drag Finishers

Drag finishers are powerful yet compact systems that can be integrated into any production line and reliably handle complex finishing and polishing operations. At the heart of the systems are two to six working spindles, which hold the parts to be processed and immerse them into the finishing media. Drag finishers are suitable for both wet and dry processing. Depending on the system design, they are equipped with manual work piece clamping or are operated fully automatically with robotics parts handling systems.

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Surf finishing technology is the most intensive type of mass finishing and is particularly suitable for high-quality, complex-shaped work pieces that can be clamped. Compared with conventional vibratory finishing, this technology can increase performance by up to 50-fold. The Rösler Surf-Finisher replaces laborious manual work and is a real alternative to brush or belt sanding or polishing equipment thanks to the highest process stability.

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The Multi-Surf-Finisher enables the simultaneous processing of several work pieces. Similar to drag finishing systems, parts attached to work piece fixtures are clamped in the system. The difference is that both the working spindles and the work bowl filled with grinding or polishing media rotate during processing. Thus, an even more intensive processing of the work pieces can be ensured. The work pieces can be loaded and clamped manually or automatically via an industrial robot.

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