Continuous belt blasting machine RMBD

Tumble belt blast machines

  • Fully automatic parts handling for loading and unloading

  • Equipped with GAMMA G blast turbine

  • Standalone system

  • Easy to integrate into production line

  • Optimum parts mixing thanks to flow-optimized trough belt design

  • Low and simple maintenance, minimal maintenance costs

Tumble belt blast machine are suitable for the derusting, deburring, roughening, or cleaning of robust work pieces of any size that are suitable for tumbling. Depending on the type of system, the work pieces are processed in either batches or in continuous operation. The use of a tumble belt blast machine is also ideal for shot peening, matting, or general surface finishing. When it comes to the material of the work pieces, the spectrum ranges from small plastic parts to massive, sand castings depending on the system design, Depending on the system type, the machines are used for blasting transmission parts, forged parts, and light metal components.

In the blasting area, the work pieces are constantly in motion. Through the perforated tumble belt, which is made of rubber as standard (but optionally also of steel), the parts are circulated and simultaneously blasted with the aid of up to three high-performance turbines or with compressed air. Typically, up to four turbines are installed in continuous feed tumble belt blast machine. For everyday foundry use, the systems can also be lined with manganese steel plates. This ensures both a longer service life and lower maintenance requirements.


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RMBC tumble belt blast machine

The tumble belt blast machine is also referred to as a loop belt machine. Inside the blast chamber, the work pieces are constantly in motion thanks to an endlessly rotating rubber or steel belt with continuous mixing.

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RMBD continuous feed tumble belt blast machine

The continuous feed tumble belt blast machine allows the continuous processing of both bulk goods and work pieces with complicated geometries.

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Loop belt shot blast machine SBM

The SBM loop belt shot blast machine is particularly suitable for gentle and batch-clean processing of bulk goods with small dimensions. The loop belt shot blast machine can be easily integrated into the automatic sequence of a complete process chain.

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