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DA Series of Linear Continuous Flow Vibratory Systems

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Rösler offers several linear, continuous flow vibratory systems. The R...DA series is especially useful for finishing die castings, cast and forged crankshafts, clutch carriers, and more.

These mass finishing machines can be interlinked with other systems and are highly automated. As a result, they are particularly useful in processing high volumes of all sizes of work pieces.

How it Works

Within predetermined time intervals, raw work pieces are continuously fed into the entry end of a U-shaped rectangular processing bowl filled with finishing or polishing media.
One sidewall of the processing bowl is curved. The induced vibratory energy causes the work pieces to continuously rotate in the media mass and, at the same time, move forward towards the exit and screening unit.

Parameters including processing time and the desired grinding or polishing effect can be controlled by adjusting the processing bowl inclination, the imbalance weights, and the RPM of the vibratory drive.

After one single pass throughout the complete length of the processing bowl, the finished work pieces are separated from the media in an external vibratory separation unit. Differently shaped discharge sections at the bowl exit expand the areas of applications, especially in the case of large, bulky, and heavy work pieces.

At the same time, the work pieces can also be rinsed before they are transferred to the next processing station, for example, a dryer. The media is then returned to the processing bowl with a combined vibratory/conveyor belt transport system.

Available Configurations

The size of the processing bowl largely determines finishing performance. The selection of the usable bowl width, available from 350-850 mm (14-34 in) depends mainly on the work piece dimensions.

Different bowl lengths between 4,600 and 6,600 mm (173-260 in), the bowl inclination, adjustable imbalance units, and the variable speed of the vibratory drive system determine the processing time.

Models in the R...DA Series are named and numbered according to their bowl width and length. For example, the R 650/6600 DA features a bowl width of 650 mm and a bowl length of 6600 mm.

The final finishing results, however, largely depend on the selection of the “right” Rösler finishing or polishing media.

Applications & Automation

The deburring, surface grinding, edge radiusing, polishing and ball burnishing of stampings, castings, forged and machined work pieces cost-effectively and quickly is possible with linear, continuous feed vibratory systems. In addition to their high throughput and cost efficiency, the ability to incorporate a high degree of automation also makes these powerful machines more attractive and popular.
An intelligent programable logical controller (PLC) manages the complete finishing system for trouble-free operation, including work piece loading/unloading devices and post-treatment equipment. It includes predetermined and tested settings including specific parameters for the precise control of various drive speeds and processing times.

The PLC also monitors important equipment functions constantly, including:

  • Media return system.
  • Water and compound dosage.
  • Process water flow to prevent the machine from running “dry.”
  • Supply of compressed air.
  • Service intervals.
  • Rinsing station (optional).
  • Work piece feeding and transfer to post-treatment equipment.

Individual equipment concepts with a high degree of operational flexibility and automation are key customer requirements in today’s industrial environment.

Examples of automated configurations and applications include an aluminum die castings system incorporating a work piece loading belt, spray rinse station for the finished work pieces, intermediate transport belt, hot air belt dryer, and rotary storage table.

A different system linking several machining centers for grey iron castings weighing up to 110 lb (50 kg) is equipped with a buffer roller conveyor for raw work pieces, a lifting device equipped with in-feed roller conveyor, a linear continuous feed finishing system, and heavy-duty buffering belt for the finished work pieces.

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