Surface grinding

Perfecting workpiece surfaces

Punched part before grinding Punched part after grinding

Surface defects, mold seams or roughness on workpieces made using traditional manufacturing processes or additive manufacturing methods (3D printing) must be removed before further processing.

Grinding surfaces is an ancient technique that people have taken from nature and perfected over centuries. In nature, pebbles are rounded in the riverbed by sand and water, while in industrial vibratory grinding, the workpieces are processed using grinding media, water and compounds.

Almost all materials can be processed using this vibratory grinding method. As the market and technology leader in the mass finishing industry, we have the most diverse portfolio of solutions and consumables. Our process development finds the right finishing method for every task.

We offer the largest range of consumables worldwide and we develop and produce them in-house. Various compositions, shapes, and sizes of plastic and ceramic finishing media, 60 different abrasive pastes and liquid compounds add up to over 15,000 different products, ensuring that your workpieces receive the best treatment.

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