Tub vibrators

Tub vibrators

  • Ideal solution for long or bulky work pieces

  • Can be used for almost all mass finishing processes

  • Individual processing or batch operation possible

  • Work bowl can be divided into individual compartments

  • Efficient operation thanks to flange-mounted drive units

  • Time and cost savings thanks to automatic loading and unloading

For the processing of particularly large-volume and/or heavy work pieces in the mass finishing process, Rösler trough vibrators have proven themselves time and again. These systems can be used for all common mass finishing processes – whether deburring, edge rounding, grinding, polishing, or ball burnishing. Tub vibrators are suitable for single part processing as well as for processing several components simultaneously. In the second case, the parts are either separated by dividers or, in the case of sensitive components,mounted on special fixtures.

The mode of operation of all variants of Rösler trough vibrators is similar. Driven by vibratory drives adapted to the size and type of system, the grinding or polishing media and the work pieces filled in the working space are set into a roller-shaped, vibrating rotary motion. This type of system is used in numerous sectors such as the aerospace and automotive industries as well as in general mechanical engineering.



Compact solutions for large components

Tub vibrator TE
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Tub vibrator TE

Economy tub vibrators from the TE series are driven by a vibration motor flanged directly to the underside of the work bowl. The direct transmission of force lowers energy consumption in combination with effective processing performance and a compact design.

Tub vibrator TSD
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Tub vibrator TSD

The TSD direct drive concept, which is equipped special unbalanced motors from Rösler, is especially powerful, space-saving, and flexible. The drive movement is transmitted directly to the processing mass via the motors flanged to the end walls of the work bowl. As a result of the special drive technology, the TSD tub vibrator is the most powerful on the market.
Heavy components weighing several hundred kilograms or even highly delicate work pieces can be processed quickly and intensively thanks to the special drive.

Tub vibrator TU
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Tub vibrator TU

The mass finishing of components with a length of up to 6,000 mm has long been a firmly established process for economically deburring and rounding them and giving them a uniform surface appearance. This machine group utilizes the drive concept of our successful linear continuous flow installations. The special vibration motors developed by Rösler – with unbalance packs placed evenly underneath the work bowl – allow a uniform and intensive media and parts movement over the entire length of the work bowl. The product range of

Tub vibrator RMO
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Tub vibrator RMO

Rösler mobile trough vibrators with integrated separaton can be integrated completely autonomously into production. For wet processing, this machine technology with the directly installed recirculation tank for the process water is unbeatable. Surface processing as a cost-effective stand-alone solution – directly at the turning and milling center – is thus possible and requires no additional manpower or transport operation. The complete housing of the system technology minimizes noise.

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