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RSBS 1702 Loop Belt Shot Blast Machine

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With an hourly production rate of up to 5,000 pieces, the RSBS 1702 Loop Belt Shot Blast Machine is ideal for deflashing sturdy, small- to medium-sized plastic components.

Rösler’s RSBS Loop Belt Shot Blast Machine is a through-feed system ideal for continuous processing of medium to large quantities of sturdy plastic parts. The 1702 model is uniquely capable of automatically deflashing large quantities of bulk-produced, small- to medium-sized work pieces.

Work pieces are continuously fed through the shot blasting system as two blast turbines propel blast media onto their surfaces to remove flashes, burrs, and other production remnants and residue. After blasting, an integrated cleaning system separates removed particles and media from the work pieces for further processing without the need for an intermediate cleaning step and reuse of the blast media.   

Capabilities & Specifications

An angled belt conveyor works in combination with a vibratory feed chute to transfer work pieces into the machine automatically.

The standard rubber belt is equipped with cams arranged in an auger-like fashion. As work pieces continually tumble over each other, the cams gently push them forward through the blast zone at a preset speed.

Two blast turbines mounted on the roof of the machine housing blast the work pieces from above before they pass through an integrated separation drum barrel to remove residual blast media.

It is capable of deflashing workpieces up to 2.4 by 3.6 in (60 by 90 mm) and an hourly production of up to 5,000 pieces per hour.

The RSBS can be easily integrated into manufacturing cells for the fully automatic deflashing of work pieces coming from one or multiple injection molding machines or presses.

Applications & Options

Typical applications for the RSBS 1702’s deflashing capabilities include electrical housings and switch covers, circuit breaker housings, current monitors, light controls, sensors, ashtrays, and pan handles.

The RSBS 1702 can be upgraded to feature larger turbines and a vibrating conveyor instead of a separation drum.


The RSBS offers a number of benefits and efficiencies including:

  • Gentle, all-round processing of sturdy bulk components in a continuous operation.
  • High throughput thanks to a continuous blasting process.
  • Integrated anti-static spray system.
  • High process consistency thanks to automatic monitoring systems (e.g., drives) and automatic blast media replenishment systems (e.g., blast media).
  • Optimum, multi-stage blast media cleaning via blast chamber extraction, screening systems, and cascade air separator.
  • Modern PLC control with storable parameters.

To learn more about the RSBS Loop Belt Shot Blast Machine or discuss your unique needs and challenges, contact us.