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MACHINE INSIGHT: RDGE Wire Mesh Belt Blast Machine

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The RDGE wire mesh belt machine from Rosler is ideally suited for all-around, complete, and continuous shot blasting of various metal components.

Rösler's  RDGE wire mesh belt blast machines  are the ideal solution for the all-around continuous blast cleaning of flat, large, and complex shaped work pieces specifically in the forge and foundry industries.

The highly flexible machine concept guarantees a high operational efficiency for a wide spectrum of shot blasting applications, especially for deburring, blast cleaning, surface roughening, de-scaling, and rust removal.

With four or eight high-power Rösler Gamma G or Hurricane blast turbines mounted around the housing (both vertically and horizontally inclined), it is also possible to treat very complex components, which have "pockets" or difficult to reach areas. The highly wear-resistant wire mesh belt features tension adjustment.

Special belt guiding enables the lower turbines to blast only through one belt layer, which means that any masking is kept to a minimum.


Work pieces

Work pieces are transported through the blast machine on an endless, highly wear-resistant wire mesh belt. With this arrangement, long components (plates and differently designed profiles) can be processed.

The wire mesh transport system also allows efficient shot blasting of components which may be too small for a roller conveyor machine. These parts include sand and die castings, car body parts, and machined work pieces.

Placing several small work pieces side by side on the wire mesh belt can significantly increase the machine throughput. Standard transport speeds vary between 2-20 ft/min (0.6-6 m/min). Rosler offers solutions for higher transport speeds and special customer requirements.

With machine widths from 24-63 in (600-1,600 mm), the RDGE wire mesh machines can practically handle any work piece size and throughput with minimum space requirements. The extensions of the wire mesh belt transport system at the inlet and outlet side facilitate the integration of automated handling systems or robotic loading/unloading units.

RDGE machines can be easily integrated into existing or brand new manufacturing lines.

To learn more about the RDGE Wire Mesh Belt Blast Machine or discuss your unique needs and challenges, contact us.

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